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Social Recreation & Rehabilitation – Group Services

The Social Recreation and Rehabilitation/Group Services program offers drop-in and scheduled programing at 5 different sites across Grey and Bruce counties.  Each location offers a range of different recreational programing opportunities that are scheduled in consultation with the members.  A monthly schedule is posted for each site and participants can attend as many activities as they are interested in. 

Goals & Objectives: 

Is This Program for Me? 

This program is for adults living with mental illness and/or addiction who are seeking social connection in a group setting. Participants must be able and willing to interact appropriately in a group setting and follow the responsibilities and guidelines of the program. They must also have set goals to enhance relationships and foster community. 

What We Offer: 

Please note that each social recreation site has different offerings in activities/programs. For more information, please review the Monthly Activity Calendar found below under site locations or contact the Site Coordinator. 

How Do I Get Connected?  

Self-referrals are accepted, as well as referrals from support workers or other helping professionals.  

If you are interested in joining groups, please call 519-371-3642 (Toll-Free at 1-888-451-2642) to make an appointment to meet with the coordinator of the site you are interested in.  

Is There a Cost for This Program? 

There is no cost to enter the program, but some activities may have a small fee which will be advertised in the monthly activity calendar. 

Is There a Waitlist for This Program? 

There is no waitlist to enter the program; but please note that some activities do have a capacity limit in which there will be a waitlist to join. 


Social Recreation and Rehabilitation: 

Group Services: 

Hanover Group Services – July 2024 – Activity Calendar

Group Services – July 2024 – Activity Calendar

Group Services – July 2024 – Activity Calendar

For more information on your area, please see the locations below:

Union Place
1024 2nd Avenue East, Owen Sound ON N4K 2H7
Tel: (519) 371-3642
Fax: (519) 371-6485

Union Place – July 2024 – Activity Calendar

The Union Place Chatter (Latest Copy)

The Coach House
55 Victoria Street, Markdale, ON N0C 1H0
Tel: (519) 371-3642 ext. 4004
Fax: (519) 986-7492

The Coach House – July 2024 – Activity Calendar

The Loft
290 10th Street, Hanover, ON N4N 1P2
Tel: (519) 371-3642 ext. 2000
Fax: (519) 364-3923

The Loft – July 2024 – Activity Calendar

The Dory
867 Queen Street, Kincardine, ON N2Z 2Y2
Tel: 1-888-451-2642 ext. 3001
Fax: (519) 396-7123

The Dory – July 2024 – Activity Calendar

The Green House
527 Berford Street, Wiarton, ON N0H 2T0
Tel: 519-371-3642
Fax: (519) 534-0700

The Green House – July 2024 – Activity Calendar

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