Thinking of suicide?  Contact 9-8-8 suicide Crisis Helpline. Call 9-8-8 or Text 9-8-8 (24/7) 
Farmers – your mental health matters.  Call the Farmers’ Wellness Initiative Help Line at 1-866-267-6255
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Family Support Initiative

Family Support fosters networking and peer support among family members or loved ones of those living with a serious mental illness. Family can be defined as partners, parents, children, siblings and/or friends of an individual living with serious mental illness. 

Family support workers have lived experience supporting a family member or loved one with mental illness. The worker can assist with system navigation, boundary setting, instilling hope, self-care, advocacy, resource connections, general listening, and skill development. Groups offer opportunities to meet people with similar challenges helping to nurture feelings of strength and togetherness. 

Goals & Objectives: 

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How Do I Get Connected? 

Is There a Cost for This Program? 

There is no cost for this program. 

Is There a Waitlist for This Program? 

Wait times for this program vary based on a variety of factors. Please call our office for the current projected wait time. 



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