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Women’s Partner Assault Response

Women’s Partner Assault Response (PAR) program supports women in understanding and changing the underlying beliefs and attitudes that lead to violence in relationships. This can lead to healthier relationships based on respect and equality. 

Goals & Objectives: 

Is This Program For Me?  

What We Offer: 

How Do I Get Connected? 

Referral can be completed by probation officers or the Crown Attorney. Individuals can also self-refer if they do not have charges. 

All program registration can be completed by calling the Men’s Program office at 519-372-2720 or by emailing Jon at [email protected]

Intakes are done over the phone, must be scheduled in advance, and last 30-45 minutes. 

Is There a Cost For This Program? 

There is no cost for the women’s PAR program. 

Is There a Waitlist For This Program? 

There is seldom a waitlist for the women’s PAR program. Contact the program for up-to-date information. 


The women’s group runs virtually through video and teleconferencing on Tuesday mornings from 10 a.m. to noon.

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