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My Dad’s Group

My Dad’s Group is a weekly positive parenting program for men with kids in their lives. Over the 10-13 sessions, the group will explore the importance of Dads, the ages and stages of childhood development, co-parenting, emotional regulation and managing triggers, parenting strategies, and common successes and challenges of parenting.  

Goals & Objectives: 

Is This Program for Me? 

What We Offer: 

How Do I Get Connected? 

Anyone can make a referral or self-refer to the program. All program registration can be completed by calling the Men’s Program office at 519-372-2720 or by emailing Jon at [email protected]

When you register, you’ll be asked: 

Is There a Cost for This Program? 

There is no cost for this program. 

Is There a Waitlist for This Program? 

The program runs three times a year with groups usually starting in January, April, and September.  


Groups run from 6-8:30 p.m. once per week.

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