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Let’s Talk

Multi-visit program designed to help intermediate age youth develop and maintain good mental health, while decreasing stigma surrounding mental illness and its treatment.  Minimum presentation of two, but typically Let’s Talk is an 8-visit program covering topics such as: mental health awareness, resource awareness, goal setting, values, relationships, coping with stress, etc.   

Goals & Objectives: 

Is This Program for Me? 

What We Offer: 

The FIRST VISIT of the “Let’s Talk” program includes: 

The SECOND VISIT of the “Let’s Talk” program may include: 

Each “Let’s Talk” visit is approximately 75 minutes in length and is best held a maximum of a week apart.  To “encourage” discussion, peanut-free snacks are often provided during the presentations. 

Let’s Talk can also be offered as a monthly 8-visit program in intermediate classrooms.  Additional topics include relationships, goal setting, the wheel of well-being, and youth-friendly resource information.  

How Do I Get Connected? 

To book a presentation, please contact Jackie Ralph, Youth Awareness and Education Supervisor, by telephone at 519-371-3642 (Toll-Free at 1-888-451-2642) ext. 1216 or by email at [email protected].  

Let’s Talk presentations are primarily available in local classrooms.  However, the Let’s Talk program is available to private schools, homeschooling groups, summer camps, etc.   

Is There a Cost for This Program? 

There is no set fee for this program, however, donations to the Youth Awareness and Education programs in care of “CMHA Grey Bruce” are always gratefully appreciated. 


Bruce and Grey Counties 

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