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G&B House

G & B House is a 15-bed residential supportive treatment and housing service for men with severe and often long-term addiction issues that have not been met by non-abstinent community treatment approaches.

Goals & Objectives:

As an abstinence-based program, the goal of G & B House is to provide a safe, substance-free home and early recovery programming for men committing to a future independent of substance use.

Is This Program for Me?

What We Offer:

The program offers counselling and support, life skills development, and internal and external programming, including a trauma group and access to a partnering Community Addictions Treatment Services program.

How Do I Get Connected?

Referrals can be made by community services and programs, correctional and probation services, and self-referral. All referrals will complete the mandatory Provincial Screening Tools and an intake assessment which will assess whether residential treatment is recommended.

Waitlist information and intake procedures can be obtained by calling G&B House intake and admissions at 519-371-3642 x1580 between the hours of 8am and midnight.

Is There a Cost for This Program?

There is no cost for this program.

Is There a Waitlist for This Program?

Wait times for this program can vary depending on a variety of factors. Please contact the intake and admissions number above for current projected wait times.


509 9th Avenue East, Owen Sound

Preparing for Your Stay – G&B House

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